Development of the Drag-Based-Ensemble Model for studies on the propagation of solar storms (DBEM)

    • Run-Time: 2018-2019
    • Project Goals: Within the bilateral project, we will develop, optimize and test the probabilistic approach to CME arrival time forecast (Drag Based Ensemble Model, DBEM). To achieve this major goal, we will accomplish two specific aims by combining modeling and observational approaches:
      • Aim 1) Develop DBEM and test for single-viewpoint CMEs
      • Aim 2) Optimize and test DBEM for multi-viewpoint CMEs
    • Team-AT: Mateja Dumbovic, Manuela Temmer (PI), Stephan Heinemann, Stefan Hofmeister, Astrid M. Veronig
    • Team-HR: Bojan Vrsnak, Jasa Calogovic, Davor Sudar, Roman Brajsa