e-CALLISTO (Observatory Lustbühel Graz - OLG)

UNIGRAZ is since April 10, 2017 part of the e-CALLISTO radio network [with many thx!! to Christian Monstein from ETHZ].

  • Run-Time: since 2017
  • Project Goals: Type II and III bursts identification, CME propagation in IP space, radio burst sources and their relation to CME and flare physics, statistical approach to radio disturbances using data from the network
  • Team: Robert Greimel, Klaus Huber, Martin Leitzinger, Roland Maderbacher (Tec-PI), Manuela Temmer (Sci-PI), Josef Ramsauer, Thorsten Ratzka
  • Real-time network overview plots (select the date and search for the station: AUSTRIA-UNIGRAZ)


Image courtesy: R. Greimel, J. Ramsauer

First light on April 15, 2017, 2nd light April 16, 2017 (courtesy: C. Monstein):


Solar Activity now (courtesy SWPC/NOAA):