Solar wind evolution - assessment for multi-viewpoint instruments

  • Run-Time: 2017-2019
  • Project Goals: High-speed solar wind streams emanating from coronal holes may cause strong geomagnetic effects at Earth, and affecting CME propagation behaviors. We will investigate in detail the evolution of coronal holes and geomagnetic consequences at Earth. For this we will develop an automatic algorithm that is capable to calculate from L5 observations the characteristics of high-speed streams as they arrive at L1 (Earth) and estimate their influence on Earth-directed CMEs. In addition, we will implement this new algorithm to automatically forecast solar wind speed in real-time from actual STEREO-A beacon data. This will be highly relevant for future space weather monitoring systems, such as operational missions situated at Lagrange point L5 as currently planned by ESA (part of the Space Situational Awareness Programme - SSA).
  • Team: Stephan G. Heinemann, Stefan Hofmeister, Manuela Temmer (PI), Astrid M. Veronig

Development of the SWAMI L5 solar wind forecasting algorithm - check it out! 

We greatly acknowledge the support by the FFG/ASAP Programme under grant no. 859729.