Solar Weather conditions 

At the Kanzelhöhe Observatory (KSO) in Austria, the conditions of solar activity are monitored daily (if weather permits). For the purpose of space weather warnings, the Sun is observed in different wavelengths in order to detect features related to coronal mass ejections and flares. Filaments and their eruptions are observed best in H-alpha, strong flares are expected to happen in complex sunspot configurations observed best in white-light. Bright areas in Calcium II K represent strong magnetic fields on the Sun.

Details are described in Pötzi et al., 2015 (Solar Physics, 290, p.951).

The ESA flare detection service gives automated real time alerts of ongoing flares. 

H-alphaWhite LightCalcium II K

 Monitoring the Sun in different wavelengths. This service is updated automatically every 10 seconds (real-time).