Constraining CMEs and Shocks by Observations and Modelling throughout the inner heliosphere

  • Run-Time: 2017-2021
  • Project Goals: The project aims at making a breakthrough in studies of CME and CME-driven shock wave propagation in the inner heliosphere by combining observations with numerical simulations that will be well beyond the current state of the art. This project will ultimately deliver, together with a number of scientific publications, a fully operational and scientifically validated heliospheric code for modeling the solar wind and CME propagation. The project will demonstrate the importance of the EUHFORIA model and its readiness for scientific and operational exploitation. It will give Europe an asset in predicting heliospheric space weather conditions with a novel simulation that will be the new state of the art in heliophysics.
  • UNIGRAZ team: Stephan Heinemann, Jürgen Hinterreiter (IWF), Manuela Temmer (PI), Andreas Wagner
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