ESA/SSA Heliospheric Weather 

UNIGRAZ is one of Expert Service Centers for Heliospheric Weather (H-ESC)

  • Run-Time: 2016-2021
  • Project Description: Forecasting of Space Weather is an important service for a broad spectrum of users starting from aviation, spacecraft operators, to power grid companies. In an international consortium coordinated by RAL space (contact Chris Perry), we develop automatized algorithms to predict the impact of solar wind high speed streams and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). For this we provide online tools and services under the ESA/SSA project ( CME propagation tools are jointly developed with the University of Zagreb, Croatia. For accessing the services log in to
  • UNIGRAZ team: Paul Geyer, Stephan Heinemann, Manuela Temmer (PI)
  • UNIZAGREB team: Mateja Dumbovic, Jasa Calogovic, Bojan Vrsnak