H1-H2 CME Propagation Through Ambient Solar Wind

24-25 June 2021, 3PM - 5PM CET (via zoom)

Organizers: M. Temmer, M. Bisi, C. Scolini

Do you know the status of your team? Do you know other iSWAT-teams that could support your research? Are there any new team members?

The Mini-Workshop will bring together the teams from cluster H1+H2 to discuss the current status of projects and future perspectives. Everybody - team members or interested follower - is welcome to join! With that we aim to prepare for the upcoming iSWAT meeting (September 2021) and the cluster-focused review paper (deadline April 2022). Don't miss that! 

Team leads who have confirmed their attendance: Leila Mays, Richard Fallows, Martin Reiss, (Christine Verbeke - currently on leave)

Use the link here for joining the H1+H2 Mini-Workshop. Registration deadline: June 18, 2021.

Looking forward to interesting discussions. Together we shape the future of Space Weather Research!