Topics for Bachelor and Master Thesis

All projects are in close collaboration with space agencies ESA and NASA.

From Sun to interplanetary space:

  • 3D modeling of CMEs (stereoscopic data, triangulation, GCS)
  • CME propagation in interplanetary space and interaction with the solar wind 
  • CME characteristics over the inner heliosphere - from Helios to PSP and SolO
  • Solar wind structures - evolution from Sun to Earth to Mars

Space Weather

  • Space Weather forecasting - ESA Space Safety Service development (ESWF, DBEM, STEREO)
  • CME arrival time and speed prediction using the ELEvoHI model (Dr. Tanja Amerstorfer/IWF Graz - Bachelor thesis)
  • Space Weather effects at the inner planets in our solar system
  • Neutral density enhancement in the Earth's thermosphere and relation to heliospheric structures (SODA)

Observatory Lustbühel Graz (OLG)

  • Solar radio type II and III bursts (e-CALLISTO network and OLG data) related to flares and CME shocks
  • Establishment of a Space Weather Monitoring Station (students are welcome to join that project!) 


Studies are primarily performed using satellite data as e.g., NASA/STEREO, NASA/PSP, ESA/SolO, NASA/SDO, ESA-NASA/SoHO, NASA/ACE - Wind, NOAA/DSCOVR, ESA/Proba2.

In preparation for a master thesis, I offer internships of 3-4 weeks duration during the summer months (July-September).

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