Heliospheric Physics Research Group (HPRG)

Principal Investigator

Manuela Temmer

Institute of Physics, University of Graz
Universitätsplatz 5, A-8010 Graz
Email: manuela.temmer @ uni-graz.at
Phone: +43 316 380-8610
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Science group:


Florian Koller (PhD student)

In-situ SW structures and magnetosheath jets (joint project with IWF Graz - F. Plaschke)

Greta Cappello (PhD student)

Substructures of CMEs and their solar sources (YRP with IWF/TU Graz)

Daniel Milosic (PhD student)

ESA Space Safety service maintenance (H-ESC)/Formation of high speed solar wind streams from corona to IP space

Lukas Höfig (Master student)

e-CALLISTO and automatized radio burst detection

Stefan Weiß (Master student)

Solar wind and THEMIS data analysis

Lukas Drescher (Master student)

ESA I-ESC service SODA development (joint project with TU Graz - S. Krauss)

Georg Blüthner (Master student)

Sequencing of L1 in-situ data by using machine learning 

Andrea Lienhart (Master student)

Experimental determination of the Thomson sphere diameter

Technical Support:


Rober Maderbacher (Ing.)

ESA-SWESNET Space Safety Services; SWAP


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