Forecasting space weather effects on low Earth orbiting satellites

  • Run-Time: 2019-2021
  • Project Goals: The project focuses on the development of a forecasting model, to predict the expected impact of solar events on satellites at different altitudes. For the novel approach to estimate mass densities of the upper Earth’s atmosphere we will incorporate scientific data, such as kinematic orbit information and accelerometer measurements, from a wide variety of satellites. Through a joint analysis and evaluation of solar wind plasma and magnetic field data, we propose to predict thermospheric density increases and associated satellite orbit decay rates with a lead time of several tens of minutes. The novel forecasting model is aimed to be operational within the ESA-SSA program and should enable the applicants to become an Expert Service Group of Ionospheric Weather. To successfully accomplish the proposed tasks, project SWEETS is based on an interdisciplinary cooperation, involving the (space) geodetic and the astrophysical communities.
  • ESA/SSA Ionospheric Weather: Satellite Orbit Decay Forecast (SODA) service
  • UNIGRAZ team: Lukas Drescher, Sofia Kroisz, Manuela Temmer
  • TU Graz team: Sandro Krauss (PI), Barbara Süsser Rechberger
  • Project Homepage: SWEETS