Magnetosheath Jets throughout the solar cycle (FWF)

Solar wind - magnetosphere coupling processes and their effects on Space Weather

  • Run-Time: 2021-2024
  • Project Motivation: Magnetosheath jets constitute a very young and rich field of research. Coordinated investigations of the origins, characteristics, evolution, and downstream consequences of magnetosheath jets have been performed just for a few years. Although many basic questions still remain unsolved, it has already become clear, that jets are an important element in the frame of solar wind – magnetosphere – ionosphere interactions. In this frame, the solar cycle (quiet versus active phases), in general, and impulsive transient events (coronal mass ejections, CMEs) or periodic recurrent disruptions (corotating interaction regions, CIRs) play a major role. So far, nothing is known about how jets relate to solar cycle phases, CMEs, or CIRs. The proposed study focuses on closing these open questions, based on recent advances in jet research and the availability of unprecedented data sets.
  • UNIGRAZ team: Florian Koller, Manuela Temmer (PI)
  • IWF team: Ferdinand Plaschke (PI), Luis Preisser