e-CALLISTO (Observatory Lustbühel Graz - OLG)

UNIGRAZ is since April 10, 2017 part of the e-CALLISTO radio network [with many thx!! to Christian Monstein from ETHZ].
Real-time network overview plots (select the date and search for the station: AUSTRIA-UNIGRAZ)

In the near future e-CALLISTO Austria-UNIGRAZ will become a Space Weather Monitoring Station, running an automatized type III burst detection algorithm in real-time. Type III radio bursts are a clear indication of a magnetic restructuring process at the Sun, leading to the acceleration of solar energetic particles and coronal mass ejections. A student's team in the frame of the "Astro-Lab2" practical training (summer term 2021) is currently working on the first steps of implementation. 

  • Senior team: Paul Beck, Klaus Huber, Martin Leitzinger, Roland Maderbacher, Manuela Temmer (PI), Josef Ramsauer
  • Students team: Matthias Brenner, Lukas Drescher, Desmond Grossmann, Alexander Höll, Florian Koller, Sabrina Michlmayer, Melanie Pernitsch, Thomas Suntinger, Felix Tischer


Image courtesy: R. Greimel, J. Ramsauer

First light on April 15, 2017, 2nd light April 16, 2017 (courtesy: C. Monstein):


Solar and Geomagnetic Activity now (courtesy SWPC/NOAA):

In-situ measurements by ACE satellite at L1 (courtesy SWPC/NOAA):